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Blueray air cleaner Bluray air purifier











CaluTech Air Purifiers
American Made UV Air Purifiers
UV air purifier products

CaluTech is a company offering public access to advanced UV air purifiers. Our UV air purifiers are manufactured in Orland Park, Illinois and are among the most powerful and reliable. Our air purifiers ship worldwide daily.

American made air purifiers

We achieved certification in 2005, just 4 years after we began, to U.S. and Canadian standards for electrical safety and are OSHA compliant for business buyers. In October 2005 we became a contractor for the United States Department of Defense. In 2006, the City of Miami. You'll find the CaluTech Blue UV cleaning the air in Modell's Sporting Goods stores on the east coast. You'll find the CaluTech UV lights at the United Nations headquarters in New York. In Maine, saving lives of seals, at the University of Dublin in Ireland where students are learning about UV germicidal light using CaluTech products hands on, and at the University of Minnesota where air purification testing is done with swine animals to test the reduction of animal spread flu disease using UV light. In 2009 the first mobile medical vehicle, an ambulance belonging to Ridge Ambulance Service, was fitted with a CaluTech UV air sterlizer for clean sterile air inside the ambulance. In 2013 La-Z-Boy Furniture's warehouse, Spear Memorial Hospital, and in 2014 two U.S. Navy ships. CaluTech operates under the strict guidelines of ISO 13485:2003 to ensure top notch quality.

We also do custom manufacturing from UV surface sterilizers to military. Calutech offers all items to consumers worldwide. Calutech has distributors in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Central America, South America, Canada, and Europe. We ship UV air purifiers (sometimes called UV cleansers) to dozens of countries and accept online orders. You may order direct and your air purifier will be shipped from our Illinois manufacturing facility or from one of our state distribution outlets.

We accept credit card and bank transfers from the following countries through this Website:
UV lights air purifiersAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China (Pr), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, France, French Guyana, Germany, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Ireland (Rep. Of), Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Martinique, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and The United States.

Please read on to learn more about UV lights and the history.

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UV Air Purifier - The Best Choice...best air purifier uv

One Unit Gives Whole House Air Purification

We guarantee our most popular germicidal air duct systems for 10 years, and they're manufactured to last 20. Furnace or just air conditioning, our UV purifiers work when results really matter. The owner of CaluTech uses model 9002CBX (Blue UV Lights) in his own home, originally designed years ago to help his son suffering from asthma. This child no longer uses inhalers and no longer receives daily breathing treatments from a nebulizer & albuterol. He began breathing better within 48 hours after installation, and so was born the CaluTech 'Blue UV Lights', the original ultraviolet air purifiers, manufactured by CaluTech. Before the UV air purifier installation he spent a week in Oak Lawn, Illinois' Hope Hospital, the children's hospital next to Christ Hospital, just outside of Chicago. The owner's son could barely breathe on his own anymore and was tested for Cystic Fibrosis and several health issues before determining he needed hourly treatments on a nebulizer and prescription asthma inhalers. Family & friends were impressed after learning how much this system helped him and the air purifier became known through a chain of others who started using it. Eventually the unit was mass produced and the company began making more units to satisfy different situations and installation requirements, all the way to the latest invention, the Blueray super high output UV light air purifier system. A lot of people wanted our product but had no air ducts so we made something powerful that they could use, the Hurricane UV room air purifier. It's not a 'silent' air purifier but it works hard & fast. Even the United Nations chose CaluTech to supply their facility with UV air purifiers. We don't run infomercials with fake actors and crowds praising the product (like those ionic air purifiers with no real scientific evidence that they even help people), we don't even advertise anywhere, not even radio. It's all word of mouth, U.S. Government and the Internet. Our products move out the door faster then we can make them because they really work. We use real metal housings, not plastic, for durability. We use only certified components for safety & reliability, we were certified to US & Canadian standards in 2005 for product safety & electrical shock hazard, and we now practice self-certification by conducting tests on an ongoing basis to ensure our product is the best, and it's built to last for years. Our most popular UV air purifier models, the Blue & Blueray, far exceed US and Canadian standards, meet OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory compliance, are manufactured under the strict ISO 13485:2003 and the United States Code of Federal Regulations for medical devices. Our manufacturing, quality control, complaint resolution and more is monitored through audits. We are registered with our jurisdiction as a device manufacturer of UV air purifiers.

We offer several different types of UV air purifiers. The most popular is the Blue UV Light™ --- a UV-C germicidal UV air purifier that utilizes ultraviolet technology and intense high powered UV lamps that fit the UV air purifier. This system is installed in the air duct of a furnace heating and/or air conditioning HVAC system in your home or business, converting that HVAC system into an enormous air purification system. It plugs into any standard wall outlet or can be hard wired and destroys pathogens in the air. It now uses green energy, equivalent to a standard light bulb.

Not all UV lamps are created equally. There is a vast array of differences within lamps used for this type of application. A recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), rated the ultraviolet lamp as being superior in the use of air purification. See the Pennsylvania State University study for more information on ultraviolet air purifiers by clicking the UV Study button in the left menu. The CaluTech UV air purifier offers enough UVC light to kill most any common biological contaminant. We offer custom units as well. We have manufactured units using as many as 200 UV-C lamps, just email us for a quote, it's not as much as you might think. We don't mark-up and we don't overcharge. For example, we sell our replacement lamps for $26.99 and a company well known to the whole country uses the same lamps, selling their replacements for $107+ which is ridiculous. You're buying the name brand with those people but getting the same product.

View the table of virus & molds on the bottom of the home page to see what these air purifiers can destroy.

Other air purifiers and air cleaner systems similar to ours are not nearly as effective. Don't fall for the imitations when it comes to air purification. This product is the real deal, and it utilizes dual high powered UV lamps. If the UV product you purchase doesn't say CaluTech, it's not manufactured under our strict compliance standards and 90% of them don't even have 25% of the UV cleaning power. Go with a CaluTech UV when results matter.

CALUTECH is a Registered Trademark. This Website is copyrighted and is protected worldwide under the Berne Convention and the International Copyright Convention. Content is Registered with the United States Library of Congress. Using content from this Website without license from CaluTech subjects you to legal liability. ALL text, including marketing reports & analysis, and text tables are protected by the U.S. Copyright Office.

Learn more about common questions and answers about our UV air purifiers.


Ultraviolet purification was in existence before World War II but very little was ever known by the general public. In virtually every water treatment plant exists UV light for purification of water and today air purifiers utilizing ultraviolet light have become readily available. UV is very effective in destroying bacteria when it comes to indoor air purification, but the problem is effectiveness. Although UV can destroy bacteria in the air, it was found to be effective only when the air stood still. Passing air did not receive enough exposure time to the ultraviolet light to have much effect on the destruction of bacteria, mold, and virus DNA. Many had the idea of using stand alone in room purifiers to filter the air, but these air purifiers only filter the air they "catch" with their intake fans which doesn't seem very effective when you consider the entire area of a room with air circulating throughout the structure from room to room on a constant basis, especially when the ventilation ducts were running. So how do you purify the indoor air when the air moves rapidly on an almost constant basis?
This is achieved by creating more UV microwatts for disinfection than necessary, enabling the air purifier to destroy an average 98% of a bacteria DNA while the indoor air is in motion. It is known to be as much as 99.9% effective. CaluTech™ took notice of bacterial destruction through passing air when running 24,000+ microwatts of UV energy and found through the successful depeltion of the air pathogens. Lowering the amount of UV microwatts showed an enormous reduction in effectiveness. Because our air purifiers over compensate for the amount of UV energy needed to destroy bacteria in still air it has proven very effective in bacterial DNA destruction for passing air. With this in mind, the air purifiers have been designed solely for use in a ventilation duct, allowing purification of the entire home or office.
It is a known fact that people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, and the Enviormental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air pollutant levels may be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. The EPA has also identified indoor air quality to be one of the five largest enviromental risks to public health.
UV-C light is known to destroy viruses, bacteria and mold. The air purifiers do not produce high level ozone, but constantly emit UV energy with an extreme amount of UV micro-wattage for passing air. An air conditioner's cooling coils are known to be breeding grounds for airborne pathogens, and the CaluTech™ Blue Light can destroy these pathogens.
Tests are performed to insure top notch quality. We invite you to browse throughout our Web site and take note of the many advantages the CaluTech air purifiers have over the everyday air purifier. From air purification in homes and offices to mobile medical vans and hospitals, Calutech™ has taken the industry of air purification by storm. Meet a new leader in air quality.

One air duct air purifier can do a whole house
Don't pay $500 or more for a unit that cleans one room!

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Air purifiers, ultraviolet air purifiers, uv air purifiers.


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